In collaboration with 1805 Gallery, Porto Vista Hotel is pleased to present an art program that features local artists throughout the hotel. The art program provides an elevated hotel experience as guests encounter unique works of art in unexpected places. Below are where you can discover the implemented art:

Porto Vista Hotel Guest Rooms Featured Artist: Lauren Siry

Art displayed on guestroom wall
The Icarus series is a collection of watercolor and ink paintings that reference the Greek myth of Icarus, a mythological wax-winged figure that flew too close to the sun. Siry’s falling figures examine the struggle to maintain balance in life, while embracing failure as a crucial component to one’s development.


Glass Door @ Porto Vista Hotel 4th Floor Restaurant Featured Artist: Samantha Louise Marett

Abstract Art

Marett’s abstract paintings revisit memories of challenging relationships, financial struggles and insecurities through a colorful palette in order to reclaim those moments as opportunities for personal growth and self love.

Samantha Louise Marett

Lobby & Main Elevator Conveyor Featured Artist: Daniel Barron Corrales

Art @ 1805

Lobby & Main Elevator Conveyor is an elevator art exhibition series that showcases art installations annually. The installation will coincide with an exhibition of artworks in the hotel lobby. Current Featured Artist Daniel Barron Corrales intuitively responds to the unique nature of environments. He creates interactive sculptures and installations with mass-produced textiles and construction supplies to heighten the experience of commonplaces”

Daniel Barron Corrales

About 1805 Gallery: Founded by artist Lauren Siry in 2012, 1805 Gallery is an exhibition space with a mission to encourage meaningful dialogue and art appreciation through exhibitions, residencies, and art programs that feature emerging and mid-career artists. Contact: Lauren Siry | 1805 Gallery Director lsiry@1805gallery.com 1805 Columbia Street | 1805gallery.com

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