Every Fragment * A Prayer

We’re excited to share 1805 Gallery’s newest resident, Yasmine K. Kasem. An Egyptian-American artist that grew up in conservative midwestern Indiana, Kasem explores layered elements of her Muslim faith and traditional Western culture within her practice.

During her exhibition which takes place from January 24-February 23, you’ll be able to watch her in action as she creates one of a kind Islamic rugs. By hand she tears cotton piping into strands, weaving them together to form the rugs then saturates with fabric dyes IMG_0191and transferred onto sheets of paper. The image to the right is an example of the final product.

Each unique pattern on the rugs are composed memories of her past. Yasmine describes the space a prayer rug creates, as a Muslim and an individual; the spiritual space of serenity. She wishes to grow that personal space, fragmenting it into several pieces, expanding the peace within herself that can exist in the meter of internal oppositional forces. 1805 Gallery digs deeper into Yasmine’s art process, intentions, goals and much more during their interview. Read the conversation here

Come experience her exhibition and new display of work January 24-February 23. See first hand her intricate and one of kind rugs then meet Yasmine herself during 1805 Gallery’s  artist reception for Yasmine on January 24th from 6p-8p. To rsvp head to https://1805gallery.com/exhibitions/yasminekasem




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