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Photos courtesy of: Holly Sutor & 1805 Gallery

Our new art program has been off to an exciting start and there’s so much more to come! Thanks to 1805 Gallery we have a line up of new exhibitors and projects in the works now. Read on below to see what’s in store at the Porto Vista:

IMG_5795IMG_5628If you haven’t seen our new installation (examples pictured left), then you must visit soon! Jenessa Goodman’s has revamped our lobby and hallways with an elegant feel by her mystical gauche and ink paintings. Her series of paintings were composed of imagery derived from dreams, nature and patterns. TheIMG_5845 majority of the pieces are large scale but are full of tiny detailed patterns that merge, shift, and change among an eye-catching design. She describes her pieces as “The art I’ve made in the last few years is charged with emotion. It documents the alchemical process of personal growth, change and rebirth”. Learn more about Jenessa’s inspiration, journey and techniques in 1805 Gallery’s interview. Her work will remain in our lobby until November 25th.

brianandryanUp next on December 1st, will be A Porto Vista Kitschmas Special by Brian and Ryan! The art duo are well known Southern California artists who take a fun spin on Christmas and call it Kitschmas. They describe the experience as “that childhood moment of excitement when you wake up on Christmas morning and unwrap a mountain of plastic toys including that one offbeat toy from your great-great aunt. And it’s that feeling of euphoria you get as an adult years later when you once again come across that same toy from your childhood at a rummage sale.” The festive out of the box installation will fill our lobby up with twinkling lights, glittering excesses and corky ornaments. Bryan and Ryan use the power of Kitschmas to bring out your inner child and take you to a place of comfort, humor and familiarity. The installation will be available for viewing from December 1st-January 6th.

studio shot jan 2018In the works now are two more elements of surprise in our hotel. Soon we’ll be revealing, revived hallways and a memorizing mural! Ashley Fenderson has composed a lively design that will brighten up the isles and take a playful turn with sunlight. Sara Stieber (pictured on right) will be painting her largest scale of work on one of our 4th floor walls. It’ll be an electric picture of a lifestyle scene that’s full of bright and saturated colors. Be on the look out for our reveal and artist receptions on these two projects!

Our Conveyor exhibition is still up for viewing as well.Experience Daniel’s Corrales work as you travel through our main elevator to your destination. The interchanging lights reflect off the teal colored walls and create a portal like trip! The installation will be up until March 2019, so be sure to give it a ride.

Many more projects are still to come. In 2019 our art program will extensively grow and display exiciting work! If you love what we’re doing and want to participate, feel free to contact us at


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