Shop in Style at Your Local Farmer’s Market

little italy farmers market

2Ever stop to smell the flowers at your local farmer’s market? If not, its definitely something you’re missing out on! The flower scents are refreshing while the surroundings are full of  local vendors offering an array of awesome items. Farmer’s markets have definitely grown in size, locations, and popularity.  They offer many benefits to one’s health, community, and shopping habits! If you haven’t already, you should check out your local farmer’s market.                                                                                                                 There’s a lot to like about food from the farmers’ market. For starters, its healthier, better for your body thanks to the farms themselves. Most are small, non-industrial, hands-on, usually family-run or cooperative operations, with close ties to their land. They tend to value and treat it right by using low-impact, pesticide-free, sustainable farming methods that are kinder and less poisonous to the soil and the food that’s grown in it. You’ll be choosing from whole, healthy, unprocessed fruits and vegetables – often nothing in a box, bag or can. By buying and eating clean, nutrient-packed foods, and eliminating a majority of the processed food ingredients this will get you on track for a healthier lifestyle.

Shopping at the markets increase your awareness on what you’re purchasing and also supports your local farmers, entrepreneurs, and vendors, all who care about your health and environment. With your new shopping habits, you are investing not only in yourself but getting to know your local community. With the rise of self-serve checkout machines at your local supermarkets, there’s little opportunity for human interaction causing the shopping experience to dwindle. Not so at the farmers’ market, which can be a great opportunity to connect with your neighbors as well as the real people who grow your food.

Join the local chefs every Wednesday and Saturday at our Little Italy Mercato  which is just a block over from our hotel!



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