Travel Safety Tips During this Labor Day Holiday

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The holidays are known to be a popular time for travel. Whether it be a getaway far from home or a weekend staycation to your favorite park of town, it is always important to create a checklist in order to insure safe travels. Follow these 7 safety tips for a memorable and stress-free holiday vacation:doors

  1. Make sure that you prepare your home for your trip. Lock all doors and windows and put a hold on your mail delivery if your trip is five days or longer. Holiday season can make your home a target for burglary and mail theft. Avoid this by double checking your home before your departure and asking a family member or friend to check on your home during your vacation.
  2. passportLeave a copy of your trip itinerary and important documents with someone close to you. Leave copies of these documents and necessary contact information with a trusted friend or family member and it will be extremely helpful in case something happens during your vacation.
  3. Keep your valuables at home. Along with travel comes the risk of losing luggage or theft in a highly congested area. Ladies, avoid wearing flashy jewelry and wear a cross-over purse when traveling in an area with large crowds. Men, put your chargerwallet in your front pocket rather than your back pocket.
  4. Always carry an extra charger for your phone. Bringing a portable charger with you is very helpful for travel as you may heavily rely on your phone during your trip for maps, reservations, communications, and for public transportation such as Uber or Lyft.
  5. Stay hydrated. Long walks and tours tend to be a big part vacation. Make sure you are staying hydrated, especially if you are traveling somewhere with high temperatures. Bring a reusable stainless steel or plastic water bottle with you to avoid purchasing water bottles during your stops.
  6. Avoid heavy traffic if you can! If you plan on driving during your trip, check the road conditions ahead of time. You can avoid heavy traffic and accidents hazards by checking traffic maps on phone apps such as GoogleMaps and Waze Navigation.
  7. Wash your hands. When visiting tourist attractions or areas with large crowds there is a higher risk of catching illness. Avoid catching a cold during your trip by washing your hands often.

Follow these tips and enjoy a stress-free and relaxing holiday vacation!




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