New Artist Residence at 1805 Gallery: Kurosh Yahyai

porto vista hotel art gallery

Not only does 1805 Gallery bring new art throughout our hotel but also in their own gallery through their artist residence program. The talented artist is featured from now til June 16th and he goes by the name of Kurosh Yahyai.

Yahyai is a San Diego native and holds an MFA from San Diego State University and a BA from Screen+Shot+2018-06-05+at+12.51.32+PMSacramento State University. Focusing on faceless figures framed by multi-colored and textured patterns, Yahyai positions his expressionless subjects within claustrophobic spaces that visualize the unconscious mind as it processes the pressures of modern life.

An artist reception will be held this Thursday, June 7th from 7p to 9p at the 1805 Gallery! Get to know Yahai a bit more and check out his artwork in person. Curious to know more of him now? Check out the 1805 Gallery interview with the artist himself here




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