Make Everyday Earth Day!

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Happy Earth Day Everyone!

In spirit of celebrating mother Earth we’re sharing how easily you can contribute to preserving her as well as our earth conscious efforts. Going green is easier than you think! Everyday you can do things to decrease the impact you make on the environment.

Starting off with water usage, paying attention to how you use it will make a difference. Try swapping baths to showers, cutting shower times down, turning off the water while brushing your teeth, and washing clothes in cold water as much as you can. As many know a hotel can go through much water usage with all our visiting guests. At the Porto Vista Hotel, we make the water decreasing efforts with letting each guest know about our conserving water policy.  We encourage the reusage towels and linens then requesting new ones when necessary in order to lessen daily washing cycles.

34Recycle, recycle, recycle! Simply choosing to put that can, water bottle, etc into the blue bin can easily help reduce pollution. Get used to doing so by setting up a recycling routine at home; as we always instill with the housekeeping department to properly follow through with ours. Also, our GlassDoor restaurant has teamed up with the surfrider foundation in their no straw campaign. To become more of an ocean friendly establishment all plastic straws have been removed and are only available upon request.

Make your home energy efficient, it’ll also help you save money while saving our earth. Begin by cleaning your air filters, changing your light bulbs to fluorescent, and programming your thermostat to decrease energy usage. We’ve also made the switch to fluorescent lighting in our guest rooms. Porto Vista has also gone solar! Installing our solar panels is creating clean sustainable energy. It is an important aspect to us to make sure we’re environmentally conscious on an element we greatly utilize at the hotel. Solar panels assist in reducing our carbon footprint, reduce water scarcity, and curbs pollution!

Hope we’ve encouraged you to make wiser earthly conscious efforts and we promise to continue to do our part at the Porto Vista Hotel. Let’s make everyday Earth Day!


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