Instagram-Worthy Street Art You Must Visit While In San Diego

Art You Must Visit While In San Diego

San Diego is definitely known for its wow factors… weather, scenery, night life, events, art the list can go on!

The next time you’re in town for some fun and exploring be sure to stop by these Instagram-worthy street art spots that’ll surely have your followers commenting “Wow or How Cool”!  Practice your best poses and think of those captions, we’ll have you looking like a San Diegan pro after reading this.


First up, the “This Could Be You” wall painting in Little Italy. You can find this hip face on the wall of a boutique named SD Stroll at 2360 India St, San Diego, CA 92101, painted by the talented Gretchen Weidner


Spot our awesome Little Italy neighborhood within the frame of the sunglasses. She is one of the many girls in Weidner’s California Girl vibrant series! Include the #thiscouldbeyou for a possible feature from the artist herself.



oSay hello to your friends and family in front of the huge “Greetings from San Diego” mural!

Iconic San Diego locations fill the letters of the city name on the Belching Beaver Brewery North Park wall in North Park, 4223 30th St. Mesmerizing work done by muralist Victor “Ving” Fung  Don’t forget to @greetingstour when you post they appreciate the love!



Kelsey-Brooks-One-Pointed-Attention_t670If this next one doesn’t scream wow factor, then we don’t know what will?  “One Point of Direction” mural is located in La Jolla, 7835 Invanhoe Ave done by out of this world artist Kelsey Brookes.

The distinctive use of color and line creates a portal into an intriguing and transcendent visual experience. Get up close and see the many intricate strokes that make up the bigger picture! Tag @kelseybrookes on that instagram post.


MCMAKIN_6130AA_860You won’t have trouble finding this vibrant wall in La Jolla, 7596 Eads Avenue. “What’s Your Favorite Color” mural was composed behind the mind of designer Roy McMakin.

The idea behind this concept was displaying the community’s residents ranging from various ages, favorite color. Blend in or stand out when posing in front of it but be sure to #whatsyourfavoritecolor


DSC_4899Visit this last one an empty stomach for its on the wall of a delicious burger joint in Pacific Beach, Five Guys 1020 Garnet Ave.

Although the artist is unknown, the face on the mural is well recognized by many. The great John Lennon portrait has an element of peace and imagine. Pose with the infamous icon then indulge in a juicy burger afterwards!


This fun journey should give your Instagram feed some unique and eye-catching posts. Feel free to tag us along the way with all your awesome captures @portovistahotel on Instagram! Ready, Set, & Pose…


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