7 Things to Love About Little Italy San Diego

7 Things to Love About Little Italy San Diego

Pack your bags! These are the top 7 highlights of Little Italy, San Diego

Little Italy is one of San Diego’s oldest residential and business districts rooting from the 1920’s. Today it is a lively neighborhood rich in Italian culture that is advancing with new and exciting eateries, night hangouts, and shops. There’s much to love about Little Italy San Diego and we’ve composed a list of the top 7 things that everyone sure does enjoy.

little-italy-sign#7. The Italian Culture 

 Italian culture is celebrated throughout the neighborhood. Green, white and red banners wave proudly on every block while visitors are invited to play Bocci Ball at the court located at Amici Park. Hang out by the waterfall in Piazza Basilone as you enjoy an espresso from a local cafe like a true Italian.  Dedicated attractions and hang outs are catered to Italian traditions such as the San Diego Firehouse Museum, Little Italy Landmark signs, Mona Lisa Deli, and other Piazza’s trickled around the neighborhood just to name a few. If you want to get a good taste of the Italian culture you’ll absolutely get that fix here. It’s hard not to fall in love with a neighborhood that represents its true roots properly.

#6.  Mom & Pop Shops and Art Galleries 

You’ve got to love and appreciate the mom and pop shops that are still standing and Little Italy has plenty of them. Shopping small supports their hard working efforts and in return you receive one of a kind pieces that you’ll treasure forever. You can count on the boutiques and shops for clothing, handmade jewelry, unique home furnishings to delicious meats and cheeses! Art is also essential to the Little Italy community. Original artwork by talented artists can be found in local art galleries and in public spaces . A few notable galleries include 1805 Gallery,  who curates and displays artwork throughout our property, Mee Shim Fine Art, and Scott White Contemporary Art.

#5. Little Italy Mercato 

When a neighborhood has a family feel it’s amazing to experience the sense of a close knit community. While in Little Italy San Diego on a Saturday Morning from 8a-2p, you’ll encounter just that during their weekly farmer’s market otherwise known as the Little Italy Mercato. Fall in love with the fresh produce, organic dishes, lovely flower bouquets, and the friendliness of all the locals. Guarantee you’ll find something within the 3 block long market. sunset

#4. Beautiful Views 

There are eye catching sights to see here in Little Italy including the beautiful people, art, structures and scenery. San Diego’s summer like weather all year long helps keep the colors of plants saturated, signs gleaming, and breathtaking sunsets clear to see! What’s not to love about viewing this kind of beauty when visiting our neighborhood.

#3. Dog Friendliness 

Furry four legged friends are considered family as well as community members here in Little Italy San Diego. Take a walk around and spot water bowls or even treats dedicated to your pets. Amici Park has a huge space for them to run and play around freely. We know you’re pets will surely love the welcoming feeling Little Italy gives out.

#2. The Food

When visiting Little Italy San Diego come with empty stomachs and sample small. There are a variety of eateries all over that you must try. Over the past few years new bars, unique restaurants, breweries, and specialty cafes opened  lining up along with the authentic Italian cuisines already here making Little Italy one of the most lively food scenes in San Diego. idessertYour stomach will love how you can grab a smokin’ gelato, mouthwatering slices of pizza, delicious deli sandwiches, craft beers and $1 oysters all on one block! Begin your food journey in our very own GlassDoor restaurant perched on the 4th floor and overlook the main streets of Little Italy from the patio. Chef Adam proudly shops the Little Italy Mercato to provide the menu with fresh and local produce.

#1. Location, Location, Location

You can’t get no better than the Little Italy San Diego location! Everyone loves how close it is to the best of what San Diego has to offer. Minutes away from the San Diego Harbor, Airport, Gaslamp Quarter, main freeways, Waterfront Park, Convention Center, the list can go on.  A car is not necessary to explore around, easily rent a bicycle off the block or even a segway to cruise around. It’s not rare to see live art, music performers, and fun events to attend throughout the years.

Head over heels for Little Italy San Diego now? Wait no longer to revisit or experience this wonderful neighborhood today!



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