Ahoy, There’s A New Captain of the Porto Vista Hotel!

Debi HeadshotThe team at the Porto Vista is thrilled to welcome their new leader, Debi Besmer, as she assumes the position of General Manager.   Debi is a high-energy motivator, a change agent and an overall strategic thinker. Her instinctive leadership combined with her ability to garner buy-in from stake holders, inspires optimal performance.

Debi is an honorary San Diegan, having dedicated both career and personal life to the city.  Though originally hailing from Rapid City, South Dakota, Debi came to San Diego on a visit and never left.  She started her career in the hotel industry with Atlas hotels, opened a new Hotel with Red Lion and managed teams with Hilton, Westin and Loews Hotels.

Bitten by the Entrepreneurial bug, Debi left being on site at a hotel and formed the firm ABOVE thirty thousand feet, where she and a group of talented consultants assisted hotels with bankruptcy avoidance, brand management, financial re-organization revenue optimization.  The Porto Vista Hotel was in her portfolio of clients she assisted in navigating through the very rough waters of the recession.   Never resting, Debi added a second tier to her organization by forming and leading Archelon Enclosures, design and manufacturing of a hardware solution for hotels and restaurants who used tablets in their operations.

Debi is excited to take on the challenge at the Porto Vista Hotel to continue to bring the hotel to its full potential as a global destination hotel as well as a celebrated food and beverage venue for the local community.

In her spare time Debi loves to spend time with her finance Brian, loves to cook and take their boat out for a spin.  She enjoys traveling and returns to Rapid City often to support her family and childhood friends.


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