Helpful Tips to Travel Light

how to pack a suitcase

Traveling is fun but packing light as possible is another thing! Everyone can definitely relate to the feeling of worrying about forgetting something important then cramming as much possible in that carry-on bag. We’ll let you in on a few helpful tips that’ll be sure to improve your suitcase’s weight and give you the relief you need.

*Begin with a smaller bag

Duffle bag, small leather or canvas bag…pick your preference. Beginning with a smaller bag will help       guide and trim your packing selections. Any of these types of bags have much open space and room to pack your essential clothing, toiletries, extra pair of shoes, and your in flight entertainment (iPad, magazines, or books). The great thing about these bags are that it’s easier to tote around the airport and the soft sides assist in squeezing almost anywhere!

*Dress Concisely 

Plan your airport outfit strategically and keep in mind of what activities and/or weather forecast.

*Leave the “tools” at home


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